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How to make a Game like Unity Tutorial: Enemy AI (Follow and Shoot)

Unity Tutorial: Enemy AI (Follow and Shoot) In this tutorial I will teach you about Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence). For the purpose of this example, we will create some simple Enemy AI logic to make the Enemy follow and shoot the player. Enjoy! Like, Share and Subscribe. Leave your comments below. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook: http://ift.tt/1spOO02 Twitter: https://twitter.com/abhinav_Demkeys Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AbhiDemkeys Instagram: http://ift.tt/2edY5Yv ------------------------------------------------------------------ Music: Gros Dinero - What They Saying ➜ http://ift.tt/2eN0TrK Music used with permission for commercial purposes by any.TV for all Freedom! partners ➜ http://ift.tt/1gyHV5f via YouTube http://youtu.be/188SMf9f6UYcontinue reading →