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How to make a Game like Unity 2D Trajectory Predictor Tutorial

Unity 2D Trajectory Predictor Tutorial Hierarchy: 1:48 Customization: 3:45 Script: 5:41 This is the tutorial for the Ultimate 2D Trajectory Predictor asset which can be found in the Unity Asset Store here: http://ift.tt/2haxmZA The Ultimate 2D Trajectory Predictor is the best trajectory predictor on the Unity Asset Store. It is an extremely valuable asset for any 2D game which plans to incorporate an aiming mechanism. Email me if you have any questions: meisambarihi@gmail.com DOWNLOAD HALLOWEEN GOLF, IT'S FREE PLEASE DO IT: App Store: http://ift.tt/2ilQHvV Google Play Store: http://ift.tt/2haqlYI Follow me on Instagram: @macebarihi…continue reading →