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How to make a Game like Tanks!!! Project Walkthrough 3 of 3

Tanks!!! Project Walkthrough 3 of 3 Built upon the original Tanks! Tutorial series by Unity, Tanks!!! is a fully featured game made with Unity Multiplayer. In this section, we walk through how to setup Tanks!!! project in unity and get it working. If you haven’t already… GET THE SOURCE From the Unity Asset Store http://ift.tt/2kO0aJk GET THE GAME App Store (iOS) http://ift.tt/2lAkt14 Google Play (Android) http://ift.tt/2eAIscd Mac App Store (macOS) http://ift.tt/2lAsoLW Windows App Store (Windows) http://ift.tt/2kOoFGl via YouTube https://youtu.be/AsiuxTPv290continue reading →