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How to make a Game like Stack – Making ‘Stack’ Android game [C#][Stream VOD]

Stack - Making 'Stack' Android game [C#][Stream VOD] Patreon : http://ift.tt/2haxqZk Project Files : http://www.n3k.ca/ This is taken off http://ift.tt/2ilSjWK We start from scratch and make a clone of "Stack", the number one android game on google play last month Need help or coaching with your project? Check out my tutoring service! http://ift.tt/2haBAR7 This course might help you if you're a complete beginner: http://bit.ly/2hlw81h Learn about unity and game design with this playlist : http://bit.ly/1SSvgZM Do you have a special video request? Try contacting me via Facebook! http://ift.tt/2ilJsEi I'm sharing all I know…continue reading →