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How to make a Game like How to Make Game Levels Really Quickly [Unity] [Tiled] [Tiled2Unity]

How to Make Game Levels Really Quickly [Unity] [Tiled] [Tiled2Unity] This video shows you how to make levels in Unity as fast as humanly possible. Just add your own code and imagination without worrying about tools. 1. Get Tiled: http://ift.tt/pWMAcV 2. Get Tiled2Unity: http://ift.tt/1P5wXI3 3. Get Unity 5: https://unity3d.com/5 4. Get spritez (Recommended: http://ift.tt/1USAUw7) 5. Import spritesheet into Tiled 6. Create your map (separate into layers and create colliders as needed) 7. In Tiled2Unity, Help, Import Tiled2Unity into a Unity project 8. In Tiled2Unity, File, Open a file, then press the big ass…continue reading →